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Indiana Bible College - Testimony Lyrics

Chorus 1
I love You so
And I'm never gonna let You go
Holdin' on to Your hand
Though sometimes I don't understand
Tears I've cried night and day
But I'm gonna trust You anyway
Because You love me
And I love You too

Verse 1
He's my joy, He's my peace
And when I'm weak, He always stands by me
He gives me strength to carry on
Even when all hope is gone
I can't explain the way I feel
All I know is that my God is real
He's never left me, and He never will

Verse 2
On a cross, Jesus died
For my sins He gave His life
Stone they rolled o'er His grave
Crushed the hopes of men that day
But He rose, praise His Name
Now I'm free from guilt and shame
Because He loves me, and I love Him too

Verse 3
Trials I've had, battles I've fought
But through Your Word, Lord, You have taught
If I don't go left, don't go right
If I just stand, I'll win this fight
The battle's not mine but the Lord's
He will be my shield and sword
Because he loves me, and I love Him too

Indiana Bible College lyrics