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Indiana Bible College - Only Jesus Lyrics

Verse 1
Only Jesus is my refuge
He is my hiding place
He has been my soul sustainer
I am safe in His embrace
Only Jesus' love is constant
He's an ever-faithful friend
He's my highest aspiration
I want nothing more than Him

Only Jesus (Only Jesus)
Only Jesus (Only Jesus)
My one desire
Only Jesus
All my worship (All my worship)
All my praises (All my praises)
All that I live for
Only Jesus

Verse 2
Only Jesus will I worship
My hear has just begun
To sing unending praises
To an audience of one
Only Jesus will I follow
I have no higher call
I owe Him my allegiance
Only Jesus is Lord of all
Only Jesus

I want to give
This life I live
As a sacrifice of praise (of praise)
For Jesus, only Jesus

Indiana Bible College lyrics