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Indiana Bible College - You're Holy Lord Lyrics

Verse 1
Creation stands in awe of who You are
The seas, the mountains
The sun, the moon, the stars
The trees wave their branches in adoration to Your name
The cry of all creation is the same

You're holy, Lord
You're holy, Lord
We worship You
In one accord
You're worthy to our praise afford
For You are holy, Lord

Verse 2
No greater praise could ever be heard
Than the cry of sins redeemed soul
See I'm amazed by grace divine
This praise I bring to You is mine
No other name so worthy could I find

The angels sit silent as we sing
Lifting high the anthem of the redeemed
Glory, honor, power, be unto Your majesty
As we cry holy

Holy, Holy, Holy
There is none beside thee
For You are holy
You are holy
You are holy Lord, Lord, Lord
Holy, Lord

Indiana Bible College lyrics