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India Arie - Good Man Lyrics

1st verse:
i remember the first day i met you we were so young
you were a blessing there was no guessing you were the one
love was so crazy we had a baby and said our vows that swhen you told me should
anything happen i can here you now you told me

if the sun comes up and im not home be strong if im not beside you do your best to
carry on
and tell the kids about me when there old enough to understand tell them that their
daddy was a good man

2nd verse:
first aneversary remember we chose a star and as i stand under it i cant help but
wonder if you see it where you are
for whatever reason we dont see the season change again go there with peace of mind
we'll meet on the other side cus true love dont end oh baby


two eyes looking up at me pointing to the picture loike where is he moma are you ok
what did the paper say to make you cry that way they said your daddy lived for you
and your daddy died for you and i'll do the same


India Arie lyrics

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