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Icp (insane Clown Posse) - It Lyrics

I had no education when I was a kid I have no explanation for them things I
did. I pulled the legs off a dog and rolled 'em down a hill I put poop in a
hotdog bun and ate it for the thrill. I tried to impress this girl who lived
on my block I said "Look" and I bashed my homies face in with a rock. HuHu and
then the people came and took me away They made me eat pills like 25 everyday.
Everything is slowing slow like in slow motion My penis won't get hard by the
time it does I ain't horny no more. That's it enough I jumped out the window
12th floor I put a sock on my penis and I robbed the jewelery store ( stick 'em
up) the police might chase me but I won't get caught. If I do it ain't my
fault. Something takes me over.

>HOOK Something's talking in my head. I can't help thinking it hates me.
Something's telling me I'm dead. It's going to cripple and rape me.(2x)

My brain has a brain of it's own. My body ain't got nothing to do with it, so
leave it alone. Don't punish me for something I did unless I did what I'm doing
and I ain't doing nothing, dig it. Heroin is no part of my diet but hey, I
mean, what the fuck, right I'll try it. (give me a balloon) I don't care about
my face anymore, I talk and eat with my feet and drag my face on the floor.
Them crows are watching me(watching me) they're watching me my every step. Them
crows are watching me (watching me) they're watching me. I creeped and crept.
Fungus spreads soft green and fuzzy. Fuzzy wasn't a fuzzy bear was he fuzzy? I
uh... wait a minute don't move, god. There's something on your neck, be still.


That dog is scaring me "Dude they're dogs they don't do that do they" That dog
is talkin' to me HHHHHHHH That dog is scaring me "Dude they're dogs
they don't do that do they" That dog is talking to me HHHHHHHH I'm sexy

A praying mantis is neon green ya' and it's head is so fuckin' small. How could
it's tiny brain be so bright BRRR KITT VRE Alright If I punch you in the face
it don't mean nothin' I mean I don't want you gettin' mad or somethin'just
relax it ain't my fault if my butt's exposed keep my eyes closed Somethin'
takes over

>HOOK (Take over) ( It takes me over It takes me 4X OVER!!!!!

Icp (insane Clown Posse) lyrics