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Ice Nine Kills - Cinder Blocks And Thank You Knots Lyrics

Please take me back to the way things were before

I swear to God were causing

permanent damage or more

as I try to fight these urges inside

(we keep drinking until we can't recall)

But I can't stop

(your so sexy when you're out of control)

Cause I want you

(so give up and give in cause I know you want me

to take your breath away)

Lets get drunk and disguise

our wasted miserable lives

made better from lack of trust

and excess lust combined

when were together

Cause I burn every bridge I cross

and I'd feel better

jumping off

when you don't see the signs, that theres

no chance that

we can survive

This was over before it began, I can't

live like this when

you don't understand

that you're the queen of lust and

I stormed the castle but

it was empty and cold

and its decaying like our insides

I hope we fall asleep

for the last time tonight

I like you more when you're laid on the floor

passed out when I'm not

theres not a single good thought in my body

Have you ever been lonely enough to

think that this wasn't

only just luck

and won't we feel better when we

soak our skulls with

alcohol to forget about this night

Ice Nine Kills lyrics