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Iamsu! - No Secret Lyrics

(It ain't no secret)
I'm real, my city so raw
I'm this, I'm that
I'm all of the above
(It's all that I know)
I'm right, I'm feeling myself for you
It ain't no secret
La lalala lalalala
Said it ain't no secret
La lalala lalalala
Said it ain't no secret

[Verse 1]
I've been waiting too long, been humble for a minute
The road to success, they say you stumble just to get it
I got the torch and I'm runnin' wid it
Cause them other niggas that had it ain't do nuttin' wid it
Came up from the riches down in west Virginia
Where you gotta watch the people that be hangin' with ya
Know that shit so well that I could paint a picture
Blindfolded and I know that I can stay consistent
Huh, cause fallin' off is a bitch
And I'm a work like fallin' off don't exist
Take a look at my click, heartbreakers, I've been babgin' it since
Takin' off on those who go against


[Verse 2]
You know women be the weather sippin' Ciroc or Mereta
Far as these rap niggas, you won't find noboy betta than me
Don't believe me? Take a flight here and see
I see the Forbes List like this where I need to be
I was a yungin on his grind, mind on money
With his side kick thirsty tryna aim young honeys
Now I aims to the top, neva change, neva stop
I was a good kid, never had to hang on the block
But the hood still cira-form, burb' still cira-form
Made it out the beggin', overcame less [?]
But neva forgettin' where I came from
Came in the game with the gang, neva change, huh


Iamsu! lyrics

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