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Iamsu! - What You Bout Lyrics

I like 'em long haired, thick as hell
Haters playn, not a change like a wishing well
Once you get a lil lane, nigga, whacha want?
You know it's heartbreak gang upper echelon
You know it's threes up when it's preppin' time
East 1700, don't step on mine
I'm in the game, ball till I ball out
All these niggas turn fake, I don't know how
Tell me the difference between you and me
Tell me what these other goons have to do with me
Got me smokin' cush, drinkin' bane and eight wine
Suzie Six B gas like a new Mclaren
No compare, now my medicine is biel insane, I
Can't lie, big timer, so I had to stay pro ball
Stay fly hopper, gang is all I know
Playn coach, making more, bangin' cush, and settin' more

(Hook x5)
You throw at that, show me what you bout now

Throw it, throw it, I go about to open your mouth, I'mma plow it
She know I'm gettin' dollars because I'm a poet
She got a lot of ass and she dying to show it
Lemme run it in yo whole there
True playa, they lend me so much p I gotta move here
Shawty hit the weed, now she don't know what to do
Just look how happy are all the bitches
You'll think uncle Snoop's here
Gold rings, gold chains, mane
People say I got my own lane
Cause when the chips fall niggas start folding under pressure
I'ma always keep it G and do my own thing
Are you faded? Are you feeling x-rated?
Are you tryna get famous?
Took a Hoover to the club with yo girls, but at least you made it
Real clap, I'mma throw a rap while you

(Hook x5)
You throw at that, show me what you bout now

Iamsu! lyrics

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