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Hussey-regan - Naked And Savage Lyrics

The cool cruel sleaze hungry and wild and crawling
Through the storm that breaks
And clears away the vicious and violent heat
Breathe deep breathe long and hard
Kiss and caress the hand that feeds
Love me primitive betraying lips
And the treacherous heart of the savage breed

Hollow eyes can only cry hollow tears
And a tingling flesh that melts away
The scars and fears that the shameless years
Leave laughing and dancing
On a wasted and tattered dream
Cry hollow tears that stifle the tortured kiss and scream

Screaming in the darkness torn and ravaged
Spinning ‘round in circles
Animal crazy and the howl of the naked and savage

Tarnish taint and punish me softly
Kiss the heavens where the angels tread
Love is the corpse that crawls on dreams
Rips them apart and tears them to shreds

Hussey-regan lyrics