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Horrible Histories - Cleopatra: I Can't Go On Lyrics

Below you can find the popular Cleopatra: I Can't Go On lyrics performed by Horrible Histories. We have tried to make the Cleopatra: I Can't Go On song lyrics as accurate as possible and hope you enjoy them.

Deafeated by Octavian , who we , we don't respect
Factum killed in Actum , as my poor Ant , has been decked
Yeah , I was wrecked.
Now it's T H E E N D
I'm sure that spells the end for me
Octavian will display me in a cage
The world will gloat.
I can't go on (sung for a long time till next line)
Won't be paraded round the streets
Octavian (long time)
Not your extoic parakeet
Won't your spoils from victory
I'll spoil your party
I can't go on (long time)
I'm miserable , I'm so depressed
How did it
Come to this
Octavian don't like me
Cause I dumped his
Plain old sis.
For Queen Isis
I'm trying to sustain our rule
Don't hold me up to ridicule
Snap out of this , you moping fool
You're not helping at all !
I can't go on (long time)
Without my sweet Roman romance
My love has gone
Living alone , not in my plans.
Octavian my boss ?
I'd sooner eat my hair.
I can't go on (long time)
I must try and capture Cleo
Octavian must not take me-o
She'll kill herself just for me ?
She must adore me !
( Cleopatra)
I'll foil Octavian with this plot
She's dead ?
Not yet I'm not !
She must not die (long time)
So much more popular than me
And so I die (long time)
This'll look bad on my CV
Antony and Cleo gone.
What a blooming pair of drama queens ! (long time
So all hail meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

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