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Honey Cocaine - 1 Time Lyrics

Tick, ticking down your love like a one time
No handcuffs, boy I'm ready for it
Go and get yours I'ma get mine
Don't forget me baby, please don't forget me baby
Once I get a mill I'ma settle down
Once I get a deal I'ma settle down

Are you saying I never settle?
Daddy used to say I was a rebel
First place I ain't even got a medal
I'm a diamond, now I'm looking for a pebble
Fast lane hit the pedal yo
Now you got me on a pedestal
You just sweating boy you better go
Now I ain't fucking all the niggas go
For real, dog
So please don't feel no type away
Cause I cannot say without no price to pay
On top of my shit like the ice in og
I'm chasing the vandals like no lights and spades
Ask me if I missed you made you sometime
Tryina stuff me up but you ain't ready for it
I am fin to be winning on the frontline
Running for your love like I got a warrant


Look out how I've been running all day
I'm burning that creme like brule
Babe you left your gun at my place
Come over I come on your face
I twist up a blow we can blow
You hungry let's jump in the golf
We pull up to Timmy's get eggs and some bacon
The niggas who fakin get turned into toads
He wanna fuck with the queen
Cause I got them knots in my dreams
So now he ain't worried bout me
He fall back and watch me all scream
Big bucks sweet blocks yeah I'm headed for
No I won't forget you baby, I'ma see won't give up
When we ready for it
Know that I'ma be your baby


Honey Cocaine lyrics