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Hit The Switch - The Wayside Lyrics

the status of this matter is impeding,

the less we give attention to its strength subsides,

what better way to think,

neglect what we all need,

my tolerance will overcome,

my interest will inflict no one,

compassion acknowledged as the ever burning light,

Ive opened the door, for the first time I feel your pain,

as if it was my own,

never again shall I act without this concern,

my fellow man no better then his neighbor,

they compete for the same prize,

but never think to coincide,

if we should emphasize,

if we should stress the importance of matters in our lives,

could they sacrifice? Understanding this,

could solve many things,

if they cant perceive it,were lost left to defend harmless,

Youve yet to grasp the problem.

Oh radiant light, guide me through these ramshackle times,

the feeling of despondency has overwhelmed the cause and now nobody cares,

well let me be the first to strike against this,

this world desperately needs,

what weve come to forsaken!

Hit The Switch lyrics