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Helloween - I Don't Care You Don't Care Lyrics

You took me up and you took me down
You managed not to make me frown
I met some dogs, they looked me down
And said: "You're not her only man in town"

Don't you beleive that I feel blue
'Cos I know the ones who act the way you do
You kinda ones will always stay the way you are
But I don't care, you don't care, we don't care
Shit happens - let it happen

My sister drove my Bentley home
And found she wasn't all alone
She led him in and thought she'd won
He took the car and now he's gone

Don't you believe that I feel blue
There's other thoughts and other things to do
Tho sometimes I think bad luck is going a little
Too far

But I don't care...

Helloween lyrics