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Heart Foundation - Angel In My Life Lyrics

Below you can find the popular Angel In My Life lyrics performed by Heart Foundation. We have tried to make the Angel In My Life song lyrics as accurate as possible and hope you enjoy them.

[Mr. Prezident]
He make sure that I know that he's close to me
When I'm off course, Lord, he focus me
All them late nights drunk, I could of rode the fee
But he chauffer me, and told me to shoulder lean
Like, when he tried to leave me wet
Would of hit me in the chest, if you ain't get me up them steps
I know you wit me every step, we getting close
You can check children and fools, and I'mma bitter both
So, I'm hoping I'm forgiven though
For my wrongs and the way that I've been living, yo
I know you lurking in the shadow
They trying to pull me down like, crabs in the barrel
The roads been rough and oh so narrow
I'm on point like wings on the sparrow
When that day come and I'm dead and gone
I know you gon' welcome me with open arms

[Chorus 2X: Fes Taylor]
It feel like an angel watching over me
Now I can see the way, ain't nothing hold me
I'm just trying to make it how it suppose to be
So I can take everybody close to me

[Fes Taylor]
I've been shot, faced 25 to life
Took a knife in the arm, plus the slice on my neck
Could I be gone, all along you had a plan for me
Now understand, what the empty hands taught me
Lead the people, how you gonna feed the people
When you got more greed than he do
The stress'll eat you, inside out
In the cathedral pour my insides out
I talk to the past, the questions that I ask ya
Expect the answers only come from the true master
But I choose rather, break the rules, money moves faster
Not thinking bout what I'mma lose after
Tools faster, wind blowing, sooth asthma
See it clear like vision on the new plasma
Lord take me as it, I know my past bid
A little crazy, still pray I get a pass in

[Chorus 2X]

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