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Heart Foundation - Rein On 'em Lyrics

[Chorus 2X: Lot-a-Nerv]
When the shots reign on 'em, cock and bang on 'em
It's nothing you lames wanted, we changing the game on 'em
It's nothing to change on 'em, we flashing our chains on 'em
It ain't nothing but dollars, so holla, watch us reign on you

Lot-a, Lot-a, I'm the star, yeah, nigga get it right
I see these little haters scheming, trying to get me for my ice
Losers, I keep a luger, that's German, I call it Hitler
Be a Jew, more than happy to Holocaust you niggas
I know, you not new, it's hard to be this
Smell a snitch, woke up this morning, happy to be the shit
You fags is on my dick, so sad, so get a grip
I'm immaculate, I knew you was just smell like this
Bitch, I'm bout a dollar, you ain't even a fifty cent
Wait, long as I'm getting chips, I'm the nigga you fuck with
You dig, hop out the six-six, with a bad bitch and six inch
Left hand on my dick, big right hand on the ass grip
Money you talking funny like, I won't let off the eagle
Aqui, ya'll listen to popi, case niggas try to pop me
Nerv, I swe--swerve, on that black on black discurged
This skirt, skirt on you bitch ass niggas, yeah, what's the word, word

[Chorus 2X]

[Fes Taylor]
Yeah, hundred shots from the K'll make it rain on 'em
Piss in his drawers, found shit stains on 'em
I think his pockets on the floor, take his chain off him
Tell the cops, I ain't like them, but I ain't off 'em
Broke niggas get a plain coffin
I was on the plane crossing timezones to my main office
I was Spain flossing, see ya'll hang crosses
And drive the Range Rover, right through the rain forest
Tony Atlas, still harder than Cognac is
These niggas only actors, Taylor, it's only practice
Bitches they show me access granted, blow me
While I breeze on the Van Wyck, whip look like I just slanted
Too hot to fan it, but I can pot and pan it
You know, plot and plan it, until I got the planet
And you can catch my squad vet in the garage
On stage, look like I'm dealing out a deck of cards

[Chorus 2X]

[Mr. Prezident]
I ain't never been that settle type, so I had to peddle white
Metal on my belt, making sales on my peta life
Now a nigga bezzle gripe, ice make my chain glow
Light hip, my shit, shit looks like a rainbow
And I let it bang slow, reach and I bang four
There on the damn floor, that's where ya brains go
Ask me, will I change? No, you ain't got my change, yo
You gon' catch a hole, the same size as the pay go
Waiter of the day go, I mean wit that gwop
You can call 'em cheese fries, I throw cheese on his top
Look, these niggas twat, you know when that war's on
I turn ya block until a full blown warzone
Fes wit the fours drawn, laughing at you sweet chumps
None of ya'll niggas problems, calling you niggas speed bumps
See you then I speed up, pedal to the floor
I smash ya'll punk ass like a pebble in a road

[Chorus 2X]

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