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Heart Foundation - Fightin', Fussin' (remix) Lyrics

Below you can find the popular Fightin', Fussin' (remix) lyrics performed by Heart Foundation. We have tried to make the Fightin', Fussin' (remix) song lyrics as accurate as possible and hope you enjoy them.

[Mr. Prezident]
I'm the type to play the block, sleep wit the chrome
I got beef in the streets, so I don't leave it at home
I told you, leave it alone, or do what you had to
Love you mama, I just can't stand your attitude
Can't front, it kinda scared me to death
You was all that I needed like Mary & Meth
Now there's no love left, in the beginning it was different things
Now it's too much infinite, not enough listening
Lately you wanna spar with me
Now I got a iceberg where my heart should be
I'm so fatigued, feel like I'm losing my wings
We make up, break up, then we do it again
Playboy Prezy don, I go harder then these lames
I ain't got a black card, but I can charge it to the game
I'm dodging from the flames, this milk won't melt
Five take away four, and one yourself

[Benny K]
Last night me and you got in another one of those fights again
Just another sign of disarrangement, man, it's getting close to the end
And I don't wanna leave but I gotta go
Cuz it's the same thing every time you home
Wild up, bringing something but you really got nothing to say

[Chorus 2X: Benny K]
Fighting, fussing, yelling, cussing
Everyday it's always something
What am I supposed to do?
It's driving me crazy being in love with you

[Fes Taylor]
Girl, I told you, I told you, I told you, I told you, I told you
Mami, I told you before
But you didn't listen, all this riffing, pissing me off
What is it? Now I'm wishing I could get a divorce
Always yelling and screaming at the end when we talk
Ma, I know the way I'm living is wrong, I'm just saying though
Baby, I love you but I think I hate you too much
To patch up what you ripped up, thinking it sucks, this sucks
I spend bucks, even paid the rent for us
Now I think I had enough, I thought you was into us
Hush mama, I know what you about to say
I already packed my bags so have a nice day
You was playing me all along, it's all wrong
Now my love all gone, got my heart all torn
Remember when we sex it's like soft porn
Now you giving me stress, I think it's all bored
Hold up, girl, beat it like the go go girl
No more diamonds, no more pearls
I guess you was just using me for it
Take kindness for a weakness, abusing it all
And I'm tired of the yelling and screaming so I'm leaving
You're standing in the door beefing for no reason

[Chorus 2X]

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