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Heart Foundation - Stay Lyrics

[Fes Taylor]
I had to slide O.T. to get my head right
I got my bread right, now I'm on the next flight
Back to New York, poet, even rap when I talk
Kinda like it's practice, master the sport
I'm fresh like, scenes from the movie, blasted on court
Plus I'm nice wit my jabs like Zab when I fought
Brought chains from Willy Box, blocks wit the milli cocked
Plus hustle out in VA, I got Philly props
I called Divine, get your video shot
And I ain't talking bout film, niggas really'll pop
Yeah, I'm still grinding, trying to get my records known
Beach chair reclining like Miami is my second home
See I'm the new king, next on the throne
These muthafuckas should of left him alone, weapons get shown
Niggas is pulling pistols, when these bullets hit you
I fuck with the Acky shells, like loaded missiles

[Chorus 2X: Fes Taylor]
Would you die for what you believe in?
Would you ride on any nigga that's beefing, lie in the precent?
Most niggas don't retire for street shit
So I aim first, fire and reach it, tires is screeching

[Mr. Prezident]
If I need the bucks, I'mma let the nina buck
Under pressure, ya'll niggas fold like pizza crust
I'm in the meanest truck, stunting with the meanest cut
I ain't trying to fuck, I'm just trying to get my penis sucked
First I make a grip, then I make it flip
Ice in the jewels, look like lights on the Vegas strip
Yo, I pitch 'caine, I'm sick with the pitch game
Big chains, bitch, I'mma rock star like Rick James
Come fuck wit us, Prezzy got the bubble guts
Shittin' on the hood, damn right, we got them double ups
No more half of grams, I don't do the hand to hands
We ain't need to talk, if we ain't talking half a man
Get ya cake up, been had the beige stuff
Heart of the bake up, leave ya fiends face up
That'll get ya cake up, holla at P
And remember you get pinched, you ain't copping from me

[Chorus 2X]

Heart Foundation lyrics