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Heart Foundation - All I Need Lyrics

[Chorus: Fes Taylor]
Money all that I need, I'm prepared to do
What you broke niggas scared to do?
I even, cock back, clap steel for you
Look, niggas run and steal for you
You shoot me? I'm just out here, stay on my grind
And you, you been hating on me, the whole time
And me, no matter the weather, you know I'm gonna shine
And you, never get on my level, ain't on mine

[Mr. Prezident]
Just on in the kitchen, cooking that potion
O's on the block, you can call me Grid O.D.
O.N., thirty eight revolver, the toastman
Should of them, cross me, you won't win
Catch me while he dozing, might let the gun speak
Put the razors to him, turn his face into lunchmeat
He don't want beef, he know when that thing clash
He ain't gonna pop back, he gon' do the Dame Dash
Lame ass, seen the flick, you better shake ass
Hit 'em up, then I drop like a plane crash
I see the hate, but I ain't mad at ya'll
I love the bullshit, you can call me matador
Make one false move, then I'm at you, boy
Clap four leave your brains on your pasture, yall
Until then, you can talk that shit
Make sure you don't cross that bridge, Staten Island


[Fes Taylor]
I kick doors in, I wave fours in
Some say it's extortion, brand out and bossed it
Caution, cuz them stakes costing me often
Know my moms'll break down, if she saw me in coffins
You looking like worried exhausted
20 karats, that's only in crosses
Boss of all bosses, S.I., Paul Castellano
Young Tony wild in the street, not a Soprano
Ronald McDonald you clown ass niggas
I'm something like his pops, I'll ground that nigga
Burial sights, you bitch ass niggas
I'm Taylor 2 Fly, I got airial stripes
Still they wanna stereotype, you think of RCA
Them other dudes, we ain't nothing alike
WNBA, we ain't balling the same, right?
I fuck about four hoes all in the same night

[Chorus 2X]

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