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Heart Foundation - One Lyrics

"One is the loniest number that you'll ever do" - sample

[Fes Taylor]
Ma, you ain't giving head on the first night, I'm like "one"
Kinda like how I serve mics, I need "one"
Like dolo on turnpikes, that's word life
"One is the loniest number that'll you'll"
I'm from the fifth borough, I crack crisp "one"
Hundred bills, in the piss yellow whip jello
Twenty piece and all on a nigga back
(He a snitch, call him a rat) I roll up on him strapped
In fact, lick a shot, lay him flat "one"
Hit him in the back, probably cripple him with that "one"
On his brains like a picker in the pack "one"
Known to shine like a rolly (Ice 'cicles in the back)
When you on top, they all on the bottom
Waiting for you to flop (like when the ball drop)
I know why they hate you, we getting more gwop
One plus two, equals three, the figure four lock

[Mr. Prezident]
Been trynna see Murto, damn, they come the popo
These muthafuckas jump out and gotta po-ko
(Hope you ain't a slow poke) Nigga, I got the four-four
Here they go, go, go, go, go
Big homey on the block, niggas known me for the glock "one"
Not only is it cold, bitches blow me on the top "one"
Cozy in the drop, I don't roll withou the toast
I'm looking, swallow ya pride, then blow it out ya throat
(If that pipe blam, you could say goodnight, fam)
I put ya lights out like a lamp on the night stand
Bout to cop a white Land (stunting 'em on, doggie?)
If I don't say what's up, bitch, the doors do it for me
Same old story, I know what I do to do
I leave a hole in 'em, same size as a hoola hoop
Close range, I spaz and let the fifth blam
Leave his bitch ass like a bike on a kickstand

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