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Heart Foundation - We Don't Give A Fuck Lyrics

Below you can find the popular We Don't Give A Fuck lyrics performed by Heart Foundation. We have tried to make the We Don't Give A Fuck song lyrics as accurate as possible and hope you enjoy them.

[Chorus 2X: Mr. Prezident]
We don't give a fuck, nigga, we like, fuck niggas
Niggas want war with us, then come get us
This is for them jack boys and them drug dealers
If you about the paper come fuck with us

[Mr. Prezident]
I ain't with the games, scrap, aim for, let the gauge clap
Try and take ya brains through the roof of ya wave cap
Yeah, I spit straight crack, do what you don't do
New coupe, throw shoes, something like a blue duke
Look boy, I'm too cool, watch with the blue jewels
Yeah, my flow crazy, but my pink game is cuckoo
I'm shitting on the beat, I got drizzies in the street
If I flip it in a weak, putting fifty on a jeep
I know niggas wanna creep, feeling froggy, nigga, leap
When I'm flossing in the jeep, boy, that forty on the seat
Ain't no talking in the streets, keep talking like it's sweet
Niggas talking to police, then that hawk is on the cheek
Yeah, we all grind and we all get cash
But for that math, I turn ya face to cornbeef hash
Gatling Isle, nigga, keep a pound with ya
Slaughterhouse PJ's, raise wild, nigga

[Chorus 2X]

[Fes Taylor]
I'm a live nigga, S.I., nigga
Two 4, Killah Hill, til I die, nigga
Yo, shine play ya shine, I roll with the four-five
Mac-10, tech 9, back then, respect mine
Same shit, nowadays, I blow a pound of haze
Chill 'fore I blow my career, fuck it, I'm down to spray
Rockstar, not 'cuz I rock chains on my pants
Cop cocaine grams, baking soda pay his fam
Band of the jam, at the jelly with the toast off
My belly getting low, bitch, you already know
Shaking everything you boast, Taylor heavy in the post
See why you mad, we still in the Chevy and you broke
Bodybags for these rappers like, melodies I wrote
Probably catch a felony for what I smoke, throw off a ferry boat
I 'tone poke' a nigga, like I'm a 'trackmaster'
A hand triggers to shoot, so I can clap faster

[Chorus 2X]

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