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Heart Foundation - Money Make The World Go Round Lyrics

[Chorus: Fes Taylor]
Money make the world go round (See we get bread)
All the girls go down (And the rims on the dice)
See the world go round (if you knew what I knew)
If you live like I live, you would do what I do

[Fes Taylor]
Having the time of my life, I write rhymes like
So I can shine bright, sight beyond sight
Like ThunderCats, Ho! My Wolfpack go
Like, leprechaun snatch gold, I let my tech show
Two 4, oh, til I go see the most high
Cashing my ticket like a roller coast' ride
It's ups and downs, my niggas got cuts and frowns
So I throw them a couple bucks, the'll smile
We turned double ups to trucks a hundred miles
Away from the town, I can make a hundred thou'
Come back to the Stat, like 'fuck ya'll now'
You ain't fuck with me then, now you loving my style
How you get so cold, see my jewelry froze
Got more o's then Cheerios cereal bowls
I burn a beat like venirial hoes
And play it loud til the stereo blow, so here we go

[Chorus 2X]

[Mr. Prezident]
I know what it takes to survive, got a taste for them pies
So I stay out of drama like I'm Days of Our Lives
Me, ain't nothing change but the times, headed for the top
Sorta like the cake when it rise
Changed up the grind, I know niggas wanna stick me
So I stay with the blicky, get your face on your tickies
Blaze up the stickies, you can tell they all lame
They mad, cuz the rims is like propellers on the plane
The more money, the more problems, the more pistols
Your boys hit you good, they could meet the law with you
We dump four in, we let the force twist you
Ya'll ain't hardbody, ya'll more like soft tissue
Abort issues, fuck around with me
I crack ya head open, like a sunflower seed
That tough act I see through, is he stupid?
You can't do it how we do it, it's street music

[Chorus 4X]

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