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Heart Foundation - We Won't Lose Lyrics

Below you can find the popular We Won't Lose lyrics performed by Heart Foundation. We have tried to make the We Won't Lose song lyrics as accurate as possible and hope you enjoy them.

[Chorus: female singer]
I will never lose, I refuse
Cuz your boy's a winner, I'm a winner
When you see me with the wolves
We starving and we looking for dinner, looking for dinner
It's freezing in the cold, fridged in the cell
This about to blow if I don't make it out of hell
And it's over, when you me coming over your shoulder
And it's over

[Mr. Prezident]
I cried, hundred miles a minute, like, give me mine
Ran a marathon, I see the finish line
Me? I finish fine, slick when I whip the five
Hit the lah, aim for the fruits and kiss the sky
Long kiss goodbye, me, I'm bout getting mine
Your boy hungry like the wolf at dinner time
Your boy's from the Stat, be where the money at
Any ya'll bet against us, go get ya money back
Me losing, please, I can't stomach that
I'm a beast, I'mma eat til my stomach crack
I only come with crack, holla when you come with that
You already I'm in zone like a running back
You like running scrap, to be none of that
F.Y.I., my hip, where the thunder at
You know me, I stay cocky in a stance
Throw my hands in the air like Rocky on the stairs


[Fes Taylor]
Listen, I started from nothing, an onion in the oven
A dream, a couple hustlers, the hammer that's real stubborn
Smother the beat like gravy over white meat
Wolves love beef, look at it like we might eat
They said I'd be, dead or in jail
Now look, got my head on my sales, I'm like Kevin McAle
I take a shot at it, hoping I pop at it
Hip hop, we got it like Big and Pac had it
Know I'm not bragging, I'm just hot swagging
Family car, probably cop a box wagon
That's a G-class, see me on the block flagging
Graveyard in my back pocket, pants sagging
Hopped on the red dragon in traffic
Hoping I could come back with, triple my cash spit
If I'm down to my last hit, I'm half bent
Half forth, we could go half on the juks, look


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