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Harvey Watkins, Jr - Its In My Heart Lyrics

Harvey Watkins, Jr.
Its In My Heart Live In Raymond, MS
Its In My Heart
(Verse 1)
I dont know whats waitng on me
In the future I just don't know
I don't know what i'll be doing
10 years from now I just do know
But I believe that i'll be singing
Or teaching God's holy word
Ohh its in my heart

Its in my heart to serve the lord
I'll be serving the Lord

(Verse 2)
Sometime my road gets dark and dreary
I can't hardly find my way
Sometime my burdens get so heavy till cant stop having sleepless nigths and lonley days
But I beleive if I keep holding
God is gonna comfort me and keep me strong

(Chorus 3x)

(Verse 3)
Now i've been singing for long, long time
I'm not gonna give
You know I've gotta made up mind
I've been lied on and mistreated by me so called friends
But if I had another chance
I'll do it all again
Its in my Heart

Its In My Heart

Ill be serving the lord

Harvey Watkins, Jr lyrics