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Gudda Gudda - Break 'em Off Lyrics

Below you can find the popular Break 'em Off lyrics performed by Gudda Gudda. We have tried to make the Break 'em Off song lyrics as accurate as possible and hope you enjoy them.

[Verse 1]
I glide thru tha turnin lane, 24's showin out
Deep dish, rims pokin out like a swollen mouth
Money is tha mission, so money's what I'm gettin
Up early in tha morning on my phone talkin business
Money rules everything arnd me I got it
So I control everything arnd me I profit
Don't get in my way & try to stop it or rock it
It's what u gon be facin, if I pop it it's a problem
Tools on deck, give niggas a face lift
Put that metal in ya mouth like braces
I'm G4 fly, hear that engine while I'm takin off
I'm double G bitch, I come ta break em' off

Break em' off, I'm a break em' off
Money, Cars, Clothes, & Hoes I want it all
And I'm a go hard cus bitch I want it all
It's money, cars, clothes, & hoes I want it all
And I'm a break em' off somethin, Don't make me break em off somethin, cus I'm a break em' off
Cus bitch I want it all, It's money, cars, clothes, & hoes I want it all

[Verse 2]
Ok I'm sippin on tha purple, got me movin like a turtle
A true hustla, a bitch stashed tha work in tha gurdle
Bout it like P, & I'm rowdy like C
Murda somethin in tha club don't crowd around me
Nigga I'm about me, So tha green I'm a get it
Sit my niggas at tha table, count tha money & we split it
Real nigga shit, Real niggas do real thangs
I'm makin real money but I never will change
Real niggas ridin till tha tires explode
Big guns wet niggas like a water hose
Fly niggas make ya girlfriend take it off
Done deal nigga, We gon break ha off


[Verse 3]
And I'm a go hard nigga I'm a break em off
Rugga in my hand, yo hat I'm takin off
I'm a ball hustla So I will neva stall
It's YungMoney muthafucka got tha world in our palm
When ya girl on my arm, hit ha once then she gone
On to tha next one, I'm yung don won
Swagga on point, nigga yella diamond everything
I'm on tha pedastal while you otha niggas pedaling
Light weight niggas mayn you dealin with a heavy weight
I'm on my old baby shit, big money heavy weight
2 seata coupe tha top I'm takin off
Bad bitch ridin shotgun, I'm a break ha off


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