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Gudda Gudda - Raw Lyrics

Below you can find the popular Raw lyrics performed by Gudda Gudda. We have tried to make the Raw song lyrics as accurate as possible and hope you enjoy them.

[Jae Millz]
Hey, yo I heard your coach scream we can't stop em we gotta injure nigga on top
I goes in like T enter it young money red devils all we do is win it
then get our michael phelps on with these bitches
yeah we swimmin it showin off this man in choice scrubs can't stand this boy
If they don't leave they hood then I'm coast to coast like Brandon Roy
and that emit that dissin I ain't got the energ
cause niggas is tough talkers with queer tendencies
fuck the kid shit I'm groanin bout my dollas
so I'm a play sabathia and you go play prasoda
catch this fuckin heat that I'm throwin at yo collar
and tell Big L I got em once we reach the heavenly father
nigga I rep that uptown call me mr harlem
my flow monumental like madison square garden
my bitch will air your squadrant nigga I beg ya pardon
don't get the rest of you motherfuckin kids darkened

[Gudda Gudda]
I grab the mic and od like I'm free basin
and we control shit like free mason
oh you a bold bitch a lot of E taken
I peter roll shit a lot of teeth waitin
leave the scene vacant young money Cajun
ice on the rims so we leave skatin
neck full of gold wrist full of glitter
and when we leave all the hos follow like twitter
flow sour type bitter I'm a different type nigga
stomp niggas out yeah we typewrite a nigga
then we put em to bed yeah we night night nigga
I'm over ya head like the zyguise nigga
I could get you brain for the right price nigga
cause these boyz are pussy like pie spice nigga
I steam and cook em like hot rice nigga
misery with the gullotine chop dice niggas

[Mack Maine]
Bitch I'm Mack Maine
You are now tuned in to one of realist to do this shit
I spit proverbs they spit foolishness
I spit the truth and shit
They spittin tall tales
If lifes a test I pass and ya'll all fail
I bring you all hell my words should be written
in read a psychic came up to me one day
and this bitch said Jermaine on the mic I can tell you nice
you touch hurts you might be the second coming of christ

Gudda Gudda lyrics