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Griffin Anthony - The Last Song Lyrics

Im still not sure who won the war
Sights once set on so much more
I confess
I fought my best
But I always knew

Five minutes time
Shell be out the door
Puncturing another hole
But building up a wall
Wrapped within the pain
Of her low-road games
I can still say

Good luck to you
I hope you find a way
To sell the next guy
The smile that you fake
It didnt work
Ill tell you the truth
That this will be the last song
That I write for you

Ill just skip from stone to stone
Far away
Far from the loft I once called
Home sweet home

Two minutes time shell be out the door
Out that screen door
With nothing more
Than the clothes on her back
And the few things she packed
And those old
Pictures that she drew


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