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Good Life - The New Denial Lyrics

Below you can find the popular The New Denial lyrics performed by Good Life. We have tried to make the The New Denial song lyrics as accurate as possible and hope you enjoy them.

i can't do this anymore:
stay in, black out, hit the floor.
i've forgotten what i'm hiding from
but mama called and cried to me,
"baby, your anniversary was last tuesday."
that's right...okay, i guess it slipped my mind.
and that's fine with me, i guess,
though it came as a surprise.
i gotta celebrate my memory's retreat
it's finally forgetting things.
i pushed it away. i let histroy lie.
finally memory sleeps.

it's gonna be all right okay?
i'm leaving everything behind
so goodnight, farewell-and cheers
to the new denial.
exhausted with the born again routine...
you die a little bit each time you smile.
so grit your teeth, they like you happy.

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