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Godhate - Thru Sinfulness Lyrics

The sinful offering enraptures, enslaves and incites
Intertwined with the gift of the gods
pleasure to whom it is sworn
Having faith
In that of flesh which never betrays
Stripped and tied to this covenant
Being at a point of satisfaction

These tortured souls agreed to be an elite to withstand all its trials
Come on follow the blessed ways Forever focused to preserve what's to keep

Will be there as a servant to his call
The mercy that finds pleasure in itself
The energy moves and floods in every breath
And shalt not forget the word
Light still shines- strengthen pride
Trust unbowed- Loyalty
All praise for life- an aim so high
Lust erupts from sinful sights

The gift of the gods unshackles, motivates and invites
Tolrance has kept this splendour alive
Not to remember its strength
Having faith
In that which brings to higher elation
Which glimmers and glows at eventide
The hidden magick that balances life

Rep. Refr.

Thru sinfulness comes the holy path
To glory that will ever last
And marks in the deepest of hearts
Transmuting will to energy
In the rapture of sin
Senses follows the strongest of wills
Blessed be
By this bliss

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