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Godhate - Seven In Heaven Seven On Earth Lyrics

The path of greed for you to tread
Take of that which may leave the rest
The part of your life you try to refuse
And when you suceed you wander in fear
Call him by the name that he bear
Don't put your pride down through your throat
I know you know him and that is for real
In blasphemy the question shall ring

Where's your god
When pain enfolds
And hate lives on
Inside yor hearts?

Envy is the enemy
Hand in hand with the snakes of lies
Ambitions lost in your faith in "gold"
This way you can never be made elite

rep. Ref.

Arise inside the shell of man
Gods love is dead
As the wisdom of life reveals

Why shouldn't we serve abundance
'tis not the way of the dissident
why shouldn't we take...of what is offered
Gluttony, the ways by the word condemned

Lust for flesh for you to taste
You have to explore to complete your dreams
And what hurt can it do when the fruits are thine
Forget the words of guilt for what you are
Sloth comes for a future untold
For mine are of what please me now
A world of others for which we not care
Here and now is our day of joy!

Godhate lyrics