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Godhate - Sardonic Wrath Lyrics

Rise age of darkness, against the false
Charity ways are now dead, behold this of which I speak

Give praise to the evil enshrined, arise the seventh gate
From the triumph of death our king of kings & saviour appears

I renounce jesus christ
As I deny heavens kingdom
With sardonic wrath
Heaven denied
Christians eternally damned
Forgiveness- FORNEVER

Satisfied in blasphemy of your god
His splendour and his saving
is dead
Jesus look upon your cross
From heaven behold when I tread on your "heart of gold"

Nailed on the crucifix
Nobodys sin he has taken
Nobodys life ressurected
Blessed is the defier...of christ

Christ is defied by a mighty and fatal lord
Clandestine birth of the demigod- to kill the lord in the dawn of death

Nails pierced through his flesh, screaming in suffering divine
If he'll come to stand before me, no resist to kill him once again

Burning heaven burning gold, burn their jesus, burn...

Father satan

Godhate lyrics