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Godhate - In All And Nothing It Lasts Lyrics

Roaming on earth in pain and anguish
Hushed by fear and blind to silence now from emptiness I soar
Writhing in despair as I once yearned at gods of not my kind
Tearing through me, so cold, where are the creatures of perfection

Touching dawn in the emptiest place it's the palace of mourning
As words of hate consumes the soul of an even hardened mind
In seclusion the thoughts I control are of those we remember
Evoke the entrance to find the god of the dismal age

Unbound from the sentence of beleif induced by falsehood
As none shalt be imprisoned
like me who was forced to take it down to pieces
I've spoken the words in the name of the horn,
trembled in fever and depravation
Indulging in lust to extinguish this life of no compassion

Rep verse 2

Darkness- enforces the soul of all
Darkness- in all and nothing it lasts

Rep verse 2
Rep chorus

Godhate lyrics