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Godhate - Above The Aware Lyrics

The code to creation is in us, that which was all and notihng in all itself
Being everything but none, in the shape of a perfect heart

Forever sworn to protect and hold the highest
No weary eyes will leave us astray but proud and glorious

Be like the voice in a sad song
Linger there where grace belong
Be my eyes when I'm blind
And I lead you through the dim lands above the aware.

Inmost precious spirit- the unending ways are perfect
The continual- exalted high- by that which shall never part
A higher dogma unknown to man
Where none will suffer- and the children of brilliance is born

Desire the soulful covenant, the resting might it holds
Empowered by the force with no hindrance or end
It's flames, unleashed- come burn me
All hail, hail, hail the gift of the gods

As one we stand for better for worse As one we stand we are sworn
Serve what we thought not could be as the moment of splendour is forever

Come to me I meet with you rejoice what's been made at our will
We're soon to leave someplace high above what we know

Godhate lyrics