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God Lives Underwater - Nothing Lyrics

Sitting here thinking about what
What everything means to me
Do I want it all
Can I take it all
Sitting here thinking about you
Do I need this jealousy
What do you mean to me
What do you really mean to me.
I know what you`re feeling
Here I am again
I`ll regret what I`ve been to you
And there`s nothing I can do
Sitting here thinking about why
I sometimes scare myself
I`m so high above
I rose so high above
Sitting here thinking about how
You want me on the ground
You can`t bring me down
I`m never ever comeing down.
Sitting here Thinking about how
How I`m giving in
I should be giving up
I should have given up
Sitting here thinking about why
I`m jumping in again
More than a friend
More towards the end again

God Lives Underwater lyrics

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