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Gluecifer - Heart Of A Bad Machine Lyrics

Below you can find the popular Heart Of A Bad Machine lyrics performed by Gluecifer. We have tried to make the Heart Of A Bad Machine song lyrics as accurate as possible and hope you enjoy them.

Trippin' on the heart of the bad machine
Rippin' thru the shreds of a lame-o scene
Layin' out the rules whatcha gonna do
two zero zero zero baby comin' for you

With a danger streak
Just like a teenage freak
and I know I'm blazin' now I'm facin' shitty peak

And I'm dressed in gold
gonna leave you cold
and I know I move it know I'm groovin' know i'm sold

No godammn' buzzin' I'm so tired of the fuzzin'
got a pocket full of nothin' and I'm bound for you
It's just a homer, and a way to be a loner, I'm a legendary
roamer and I'm comin' thru

Gonna play the highest stakes
And I'll make it and you'll break
It's just an all or nothin' split
And I'm a gonna be the winner of it

Sold out on mercy I am sorry closin'shop
Forever runnin urge now and it aint never gonna stop
With a hint of class I'm gonna rock ya till ya drop
and I'm startin now

Gluecifer lyrics

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