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Glassjaw - Babe Lyrics

Below you can find the popular Babe lyrics performed by Glassjaw. We have tried to make the Babe song lyrics as accurate as possible and hope you enjoy them.

I exclude light and wash my hands of you.
By larger being devoured,
leaving only me to improve.

Don't Fuckin Weep
Your weak eyes cry tears of the fake

Now lets backtrack to the marrows.
Sitting on the frozen middle.
Faces seen in the mirror.
Shout at somthing seen.
Shot glasses fill up your soul.
Swallowed by the Growth, who laughed at the truth.
Your the living prove.

Don't fucking weep.
Your weak eyes cry tears of the fake.
Catch up with the sheep.
It's a sacrilegious ceremony.
New flavor of the week.

Nothing's sacred in the faces of the soulless
(that you're made into).
You're raptured by a guilty stifle down.

...And what I'll do
is mess you up and lie to you.
Look at you
You know it's true.
It's a field trip to Hollywood Babylon.

Glassjaw lyrics

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Songwriters: BECK, PALUMBO