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Gilbere Forte - The Awakening Lyrics

Below you can find the popular The Awakening lyrics performed by Gilbere Forte. We have tried to make the The Awakening song lyrics as accurate as possible and hope you enjoy them.

You can never take a nigga out of hell
Wake up every morning, ask God is he real
Dont ever leave me alone in this motherfucking cell
And my mind full of killers I done killed
The whole ?? feeling is real
If aint nobody alive, then who the fuck can I kill?
Man, you know what I paid for this
To give me 8 dollars at the buffalo exchange for this
Man, I gotta chill, man, I blew the deal
How the fuck am I paying my bills?
A nigga starving but eating healthy
I apply the whole foods, try the Chos next door
Back seated in a Range and my home boy Olmes
Then this guy on and my android on.

Fly to your favorite celebrity
Might have fucked it the same
What was your favorite celebrity?
Might have ate a couple sh rooms with your favorite celebrity
Fuck applause, do idolize the celebrity
Yall want me to share my stories
Hook me to IVs and record me, Maury
Reporting live from the mind of a minority
Form and Dany L was scoring Bangladesh to Jordan
Still rocking my favorite Jordans
Feeling deaf and smelling the fucking LA morning
Waking up in the streets, where the fuck is the beach?
Man, I miss home, when the fuck did I leave?
Retracting all the money that the dreams cost me
Subtracting all the time that my feeling cost me
I saw my ?? bitch, she lost me
When she threw me out the window but somehow she called me
And I landed
Forgetting someone you love
Is like remembering someone you never knew

All your lies, secret lies

Gilbere Forte lyrics