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Geto Boys - Seek And Destroy Lyrics

Seek and Destroy
Geto Boys
yo let's find the competition
so i can destroy
the wack mc's who claim they're
headed for stardom

they think I can't subtract
the car 'dallac will come back,
wax and tax da part

bought back the track that was lost
I kept, these suckers are gone

d.j. Action is back
d.j. Action is hard

put rhymes together are clever
tougher than leather however
mc's of tropical feathers
don't claim to battle- i'm better

mcs died by the dozen
said they was dope but they wasn't

now i'm tellin you cousin
get off my jock, cause you buggin

got a rhyme lets get tour
Gave you a chance but you blew it
You fell a geek an I knew it
Action is back so don't do it.

See ,I perfected perfection
give me some time, jus a second
so i can rhyme my selection
my rhymes will burning....

you see i've seen and i saw
a lot of fiends on the draw
tryin' to get with the king
cool out the king's on the floor

It's time to cool and I chill
it's time to school and I kill
if you're down for the fill
jus let me know and i will

come around for the brawl
some m.c.'s bank but...
they crumple up like toy
because my mission is to seek and destroy

here it comes
the voice of the invincible
you're gettin dumb
come now, let's be sensible

you couldn't hang with the master mind
of records.. shit

so get a grip and come equioped
cuz i'm gonna show the real meaning of a massacre
a mad man, disaster
cuz i is da great one.

i'll never 'fess unless the best
puts the great to test
an i'm gonna jus watch 'em
crumple up just like a leave in December

cut em tough
and yell 'timber!'
and afta the pathc is clear
i stand
the immortal survivor Action

I cant be stopped cuz
i'm gonna rock until you drop
so full of action
that you'll get dizzy then you'll pop

I'm the mastermind and not a toy
and my mission
is to seek and destroy

I come equipped
ready for a ?wide? war

mc's get flipped
one at at time over
and over, flogged and fleeced
the punks get beat
they can't compete
do't try to make me slip
I'm gonna speak

I'll break and take the fake
who claimed to make the place
to dominate 'cha mate
from state to state

away from the states
you makin and then begin to ache
the head
more like an earthquake

lyrics begin to penetrate,
to spin, the wind that breaks
the skin
you evaporate!

Thats when I'm gonna have to make
a jam to hold my own
because I control the zone
a rap

step off, i'm on the microphone
if you test the best
go check arrests and ask the press
how many hands were put to rest

and Act' will just go get my w?
and hit the ses'
and still be posin a threat.

cuz i'm the mastermind and not a toy
and my mision is to
seek and destroy.

Let me continue or should i say finish this?
this is a dope jam.
though Some are wishin' this
will be the last that ya heard of the Act'
but I'll be back
to attack on another track

but until then you all follow the dream
Now let me hear ya scream.

eh Yo Red, cut that up real funky for me
ya know what i'm sayin?
Cuz this is the Geto Boys dope jam
of '89 rockin' it all the way into the '90s
and to the entire rap-a-lot family

D, Act, and the Geto boys say "Peace!"
Ha Ha!

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