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George Stewart - Sunshine In Our Heart Lyrics

I was trapped in the darkness trying to look for the light that God is
And I found Myself facing the nights alone
With no one by My side until You came to Me
Without You, Lord, I can't make it on My own
So You can help Me escape the darkness and face the sunrise
Which is a reminder of that eternal morning in the light of day
That breaks over the eastern peaks, spills light and life into our valley
And chases the rain and the stormy clouds away

There will be a new horizon
And the time has come to start
Dear Lord, please hear My plea
Let there be sunshine in our heart

We are to love one another
And do all that we can
To make this world a better place,
To fit our Creator's plan.
So this new Spring day, let's vow
We truly live the part,
For even if the day brings rain,
We can keep sunshine in our heart.

It is Spring-another day is dawning.
The sky lightens to a paler blue.
And after the long, dark night,
A brighter world comes into view.
There is hope in the newness of morning,
And faith at the start of a new day,
In an old world that challenges us,
To make it better in some way.

We cannot tell just yet,
If the day will bring sunshine or rain,
But each of us has the power
To not live life in vain.

Repeat Chorus

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