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George Jones - Open Pit Mine Lyrics

I loved my sweet Rosie and she loved me too, there was nothing for rosie that i would not do. Her hugs and her kisses they were something devine gave me reason for working the open pit mine.

While I was out walking with my Rosie one day we passed a store window wtih rings on display i bought those she wanted how they really did shine spent the money i saved in that open pit mine.

Her love would bring heart ache that i would soon learn cause she would two time me when my back was turned. Rosie would go dancing and drink the red wine while i worked like a slave in that open pit mine.

One night i caught Rosie on her rondevou she was hugging and kissing with somebody new it was there that i shot her while there arms were intwined. Then i buried her deep in that open pit mine.

I took alook at my future and what did i see there was nothing but trouble awaiting for me, but on the suns of next horizon I'll be satisfied cause they'll find me there sleeping at sweet Roses side.

George Jones lyrics

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