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Gathering Field - So Much Water Lyrics

I could go to anywhere,
head hung low in shame
Buy new clothes and dye my hair,
maybe even change my name
But the past don't ever disappear,
and to run's a losing game
So I might as well hang around here,
maybe you should do the same
What I mean to tell you,
Well you think you own a private hell
You decorated by yourself
Books that you wrote on the shelf
You're dying to come clean somehow
No need to go a thousand miles away
What I mean to say is there is...

So much water, so close
So much water, so close, so close
So much water, so close to home

I woke up on my brother's couch,
swear I was half-dead
Both my pockets emptied out,
my blue eyes painted red
I thought I had worked through my doubts,
but they worked me through instead
I lay there trying to figure out
who I saw and what I said
It started coming to me slow
I saw a girl I used to know
Asked her how it came to be
My innocence escaped from me
Hugged me when she stood to go
Said there's something you should know my friend
Then I swear she said that there was...

So much water...

You can't describe the pain inside
but that's all right
You can't believe you did the things
you did last night
Or should I say again, but you try to pretend
That you never did, yeah you try to keep it hid

I'm not strong and I'm not wise,
and there's not much I know
Told my share of downright lies,
spent some time below
Stumbled down a darkened road
just beyond my childhood home
Crossed the grassy clearing there,
into the forest black and bare
Came upon a silver stream,
through the vast transparency I stared
I had been unaware that there was
so much water...

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