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Gary Mathis - Shelter Me Lyrics

I set not alone not on my own
Every things coming up I'm one
I've found my peace removed all my pain

I said a prayer please fix me again
When I was so down I cried out to Him
And so now I'm whole I'll suffer again

Shelter me I want to love you
I know your name

Shelter me my eyes look above to
My Father's mercy

Shelter me I'm humbled before you
Remove all my shame

Shelter me from all of these things

So now I have come full circle again
When I was so young and free from this sin

This things I have known they've kept me alone
So I fell from grace on down to this Earth
Where I sat in waste with all of these ones
Lost in their faith


I was set like the stone but the weight of my sins
Wouldn't leave me alone but as time passed my eyes
I was shown the way

Removed all my sins these things I've kept in
No words I would say for all that I've been
A price He did pay

(Copyright Gary Mathis 2013)

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