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Galleon - The All European Intro Lyrics

Remember when we were in tune, we sang these songs
beneath the moon.

Enlightened by the soul we never knew, the end would
come so soon.

We're standing naked in the sun, against the ones that
let us down.

Encountered by the war, remember times we had more fun.

Encouragement and fame were all words that triggered
our hearts.

We could see the light, we could be the light, we could
control the light.

A million summer days a head of us, we were there with

You wrote invisible words between the lines, and you
sold our dream.

The Cities we made and the games we played, there all
there in the stars.

Beyond the glade so ugly and gray, as I turn away.

Growing apart as we are growing up, years are melting

Years pass on by, there's no time to fly, so we wave

Galleon lyrics