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Gadjits - Song Espousing The Virtues Of Rudie And S Lyrics

All 'dem rude boy come forward - and button up that suit
All 'dem skinhead come forward - and make sure to lace up 'dem boots
I'm-a-gonna tell you a story now about one concerned farmer and all you rudie
So listen up - She said she gonna be warned and be wary
Because Rudie and Skinhead can be very scary
You may not go outside to play
Cause the rude boys are about today
I don't want to see any of you kids in the street
Cause all 'dem rudies pack the heat
Alright then,
let me tell you about how to identify a rude boy when you meet him on the street
Rudie got soul, Rudie don't fear
Rudie's in court, Rudie's on a chair
Rudie got married, Rudie can't lose
Rudie can't win either
Oh Lordy 'dem Skinhead - Let me tell you
Dem-a-wear big boots
And he dress like he got mad mad loot
You-a-see him in the football terraces
(in London, in Kansas, even Paris)
uh huh.. (et al)
Let me hear all you rude boys
and all you skinheads make some noise!
uh huh-uh.. (etc. ad nauseum)
yeah, yeah, yeah
pick it up.

rude boys and skinheads.
skinhead and rude boys.

Gadjits lyrics