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Gadjits - Nothing Exciting Lyrics

If your heart's been broken once or twice
And you're bumming just to get through the day
Because all of your beautiful memorys
Are faded in yesterday
And no matter how you try you're gonna be denied
The love that will make it alright
Cause the past is a blast and it happens so fast
Now i want to wither and die

Nothing's really exciting to me
And the future is frightning as can be

4 in the mornig in midtown
Wwe were hanging int he pouring rain
Drinking beer till the sun was clear
We had nothing to lose that day
And i'm so god damn glad tobe here
But you don't care
Hell yes i'm jaded frustrated and faded
Know i 'll never get anywhere

In the meantime been such a long time
Since you kissed me the way that you did
In my front seat out on your street
Before you left me to crawl into bed
And i wonder often wonder
I'd this love or another one of my falsehoods
Got one life got to live
Obligation on me for the times that they give

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