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Gadjits - Cleveland, Ohio Lyrics

Below you can find the popular Cleveland, Ohio lyrics performed by Gadjits. We have tried to make the Cleveland, Ohio song lyrics as accurate as possible and hope you enjoy them.

I don't wanna stay here, I don't wanna stay
I'd rather be on the road with my band, makin' our way
Well it's been seven days and six shows
Before we got the shaft down in Cleveland, Ohio
Losing lots of money and we're losing our minds
We better get to the next show in plenty of time
On the road so long and the noise so loud
I'm missing all my friends that made me feel so proud

Cleveland, Ohio
Well I been through states and this is one hell of a town
I'll stay awhile, while the drinks are free and that's good enough for me

I really wanna play here, I wanna play this here guitar
You know I really want to stay here, I wanna show you what I'm all about
I want to rock and roll and drink 'til the break of dawn
I didn't drive a thousand miles to sulk and have no fun
Fuck that hotel room, I'll break the TV
We came here for music and when we get it, we're gonna leave


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