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G-unit - Chase Da Cat (bonus Track) Lyrics

[50 Cent]
Yeah... yeah...
Shawty shake that thing, I said shake that thing
Girl you know, I like the way you move it
Ain't shit change, same clique, same gang
Girl you know, you're rockin with the Unit
When we hit the flo', girl you already know
how we do it, do it, do it
When the hits come on, if my clique ain't gone
We gon' do the same two-step to it

[Chorus 2X: 50 Cent]
Shawty youuuuu know I want that cat
Drop it, now pick it up, drop it, work that back
Hustle, now hurry, now shawty make that stack
Girl work it out, work it out

[Tony Yayo]
She ain't the same girl she was when she was 16 (16)
She want her tummy tuck (tummy tuck) she want her breasts reduc' (breasts reduc')
She ain't sexy (sexy) but she like to fuck (like to fuck)
And she like to fuck (like to fuck) and she like to fuck (like to fuck)
Yeah - my stunt's so shocking to see
Pull up at the light and drop the GT (C'MON!)
I know you heard me on the radio {"True!"}
I know you seen me on the video {"True!"}
She want drinkin Cristal, you still drinkin Mo-ey?
Yo' bitch bag Louie? My bitch bag Chloe
I got rubber band tires on the Rovey man
And a see-through wrist on a Roley band (BLING!)


[Lloyd Banks]
Yeah... yeah, quarter mil' automobile
Woodgrain wheel when I wanna go chill
Rubber grip feel on the bottom of the steel
I'ma ball and champagne bottles gon' spill, for real
Shorty shake her ass like a stripper
But she all bones, I like mine thicker
I ain't your ordinary hot rhyme nigga
I'm a top dime nigga, pop dime nigga
Radio play, Hot 9 nigga
They buyin big chains so I got mine bigger
I get it, but no gifts get bought
I only cum inside the lips that talk


[Young Buck]
Shawty I don't chase it or taste it (nah)
But I will Louie Vuitton a bitch with the matchin bracelet (yeah)
Time is money so don't waste it
I really didn't cum that quick, I faked it (ha ha!)
Baby I'm patient, no discrimination
Blacks and the Asians, even Caucasians (yeah!)
Got 'em all shakin, money I'm makin
One of y'all taken, my hotel vacant (AY!)
She knew I had cake when the lights hit the ice (what?)
Let's go get right, tell your girls good night (ha ha!)
You know just what I like, you can ride my bike (c'mon)
Just hold on the handlebars; and handle y'alls (aight?)


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