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Fuse - Clepto-freak Lyrics

Below you can find the popular Clepto-freak lyrics performed by Fuse. We have tried to make the Clepto-freak song lyrics as accurate as possible and hope you enjoy them.

Keep your mouth shut

Don’t say a word

You’re being absurd

Someone shouted from the back

Smack, I heard a crack

Of a hand on his back

He started to cry

Oh God

You won’t die


Sound of a gun

You made him mad

You better run


He’s a mad clepto-freak

And he just wanted to speak see

See what happens when you don’t answer

Us when we’re about to bust



Now I’m not saying

To get a gun

And go on a rampage killing everyone

But teachers,

You need to smile and act pretty

And answer us

Try to limit homework

By at least one

Or actually don’t give us any

By the time we get home

We’re in bed

One of us may strike


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