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Funeral - The Absence Of Heaven Lyrics

The fate of the damned
The absence of heaven forever mourned
To walk among men
Eternally reborn, souls forlorn
We are bound to this earth
Cursed to be crushed beneath eves foot
Yet another rebirth
Destined to carry the burden of lot

An empty hell for our own well
A full heaven that no longer sells
An empty promise from your deity
A world full of hate seals its destiny

Come take my hand
Find shelter in the realm of the damned
Its founder have long gone
But no one here will do you harm
Their shepherd has grown weak
Allowing the wolves to attack his sheep

Try to understand
We once served by his right hand
Through millenia we were taught
A lesson he himself has forgot

The sensations of dirt
In dying is found the core of life
We were damned from our births
To material desert, spiritual night
There is a mark on our souls
Burnt for our disobedience
Recognised by the trolls
Caught, then released through lenience

Follow me
Into a richer reality
Step upon the gallows trap
Enter your new home as you fall through the gap

Funeral lyrics