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Fullblast - Wishing On Empty Wells Lyrics

Below you can find the popular Wishing On Empty Wells lyrics performed by Fullblast. We have tried to make the Wishing On Empty Wells song lyrics as accurate as possible and hope you enjoy them.

I knew that when we started it would last so far
from the first time you listened to all our songs
and looking back I'm glad to have started it with you

now everything is going and everything has changed
oh the music could have stayed the same
but no one ever said that wishes could come true

Maybe one day well make this right
my hands are tied tonight
don't bring this up, I'm to tired to fight
My hands are tied tonight,
my hands are tied, my hands are tied.

I know it hurts a lot to say goodbye
I'll hold you one more time before I close my eyes
as you turn the other way ill think of all the things we used to do.
I walk down the street and it starts to rain
I hope your finding it hard to ignore this pain
I know that deep inside my heart ill always hold on to you

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