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Full Moon Fallout - Never Sleep Lyrics

Below you can find the popular Never Sleep lyrics performed by Full Moon Fallout. We have tried to make the Never Sleep song lyrics as accurate as possible and hope you enjoy them.

Been stuck inside his head for days
Can't seem to erase the pain
He's drained
But his mind is full
Once sweet sounds pierce his skull
Used to be so set in stone
Now the words scrape lines into his bones
He wants to keep them unknown
You can't see the message but you hear it's tone

He's scared to let them free
To give up this pain so easily
Would be
A reckless streak
A sign that his mind is weak
He needs
To plant his seeds
Inside there minds so the pain will ease
Let it grow, like a disease
Let the vines open eyes so that they can see.

And he will never sleep x3

Verse 2
He's trapped himself inside a cage
Of branch and thorn and truth mislaid
Dismayed, he cuts it down
Not to break through but to make a crown
Places it upon his head
Sealing seeds in killing thoughts dead
He wants to keep them unread
Hopes if he forgets it won't need to be said
He's silent he never sleeps
Could betray his pain within a dream
He believes he can deceive kill the weed at the root, shoot until it bleeds
He breaths, rasping relief, unknowing his victory is brief
The seeds seethe finally he speaks
Roots crawl out his mouth from the belly of the beast

And he will never sleep x3

Verse 3
He bares his teeth ready to shout
But the roots just grow they won't fall out
In doubt, he reaches in
But they tunnel like worms into his skin
Tries to tear himself free
Trapped by his own reality
Like shackles upon his feet
The vines drag him back so that he any speak

Middle 8
And he will never sleep x2

Last verse.
He's sick of the sleepless nights
But the vines got a grip so deadly tight
Scared to let the pain go and fight
Let his voice carry poison to his blight
They bite, shrivel up and die
Drop from his maw as he speaks his mind
He cries, defies the pain and sighs
Relief in his defeat as he closes his eyes

And he will never sleep x3

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